The Whole Range of Astronomy Does Not Contain One Proof of its Own Accuracy

Due to the growing number of people I have encountered who have adopted the flat earth theory, I have been reading up on their arguments.  One source referred me to a book, in which I found the following quote pertaining to the geocentricity debate:

Dr. Woodhouse, Cambridge Professor of Astronomy, “The Earth (Not a Globe) Review,” January 1893:

When we consider what the advocates of the Earth’s stationary and central position can account for, and explain the celestial phenomena as accurately to their own thinking as we can ours, in addition to which they have the evidence of THEIR SENSES and SCRIPTURE and FACTS in their favour, which we have not ; it is not without a show of reason that they maintain the superiority of their system … However perfect our theory may appear in our own estimation, and however simply and satisfactorily the Newtonian hypotheses may seem to us to account for all the celestial phenomena, yet we are here compelled to admit the astounding truth, if our premises be disputed and the facts challenged, the whole range of Astronomy does not contain one proof of its own accuracy.

~qtd. in Terra Firma: The Earth Not a Planet Proved from Scripture, Reason, and Fact by David Wardlaw Scott, pages 42-43 of pdf file, available online at


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