Locher’s Arguments Against Copernicanism

Venus geocentric orbit curve simplified (pentagram)

In 1614, when the telescope was new technology, a young man in Germany published a book filled with illustrations of the exciting new things being discovered telescopically: moons circling Jupiter, moon-like phases of Venus, spots on the Sun, the rough and cratered lunar surface. The young man was Johann Georg Locher, and his book was Mathematical Disquisitions Concerning Astronomical Controversies and Novelties. And while Locher heaped praise upon Galileo, he challenged ideas that Galileo championed – on scientific grounds…

What were those problems? A big one was the size of stars in the Copernican universe…

But the telescopically discovered moons of Jupiter were proof of epicyclic motion: the moons rode in circles around Jupiter, while those circles rode with Jupiter on its orbit…

Read more: http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/opposition-galileo-was-scientific-not-just-religious


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